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【APO Tour】Day3

  • 2010-11-04 (木)

【Day 3】

We visited ECHELON、Aurora Algae and TESLA

【Day 3am】


DAY3ECHELON.jpgWe visited ECHELON one of the leading supplier of Energy Effcienciy embetted circuits.
They introduce applications they installed worldwide.


They have established steady market in Europe, Asia as well as US.
Tour members were very much impressed their LED street monitored each street light in North Carolina from the conference room.  


【Day 3pm】

【Aurora Algae】

DAY3Aurora.jpgWe headed to Alameda tovisit Aurora Algae as a biofuel start-up in Silicon Valley.
They found patented light green algae for fuels and some nututrition products from the special algae.
They said their products are most cost effective and high yield in oil as well as nutritions.
They already have plan to establish verification plant in Australia in 2012.

Their lab is almost the sama as University labs, but their algae is very near to production.


【Day 3pm】


DAY3TESLA.jpgWe visited TESLA motors in Menlo Park
While they are very busy, we thank them introducing TESLA quite kindly.

TESLA has plan to cut price half for Roadster in 2012.









We visited LED Street light in San Jose introduced by ECHELON person.
We recognized LED street lighting has better visibility with energy efficiency.
It felt as if we were different atomosphere from current orange street lights.


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